Commenting Disabled due to Spam Outbreak

Commenting is now globally disabled one the website due to a massive spam outbreak. Unfortunately, this also affects posting on the forums. I cannot tell you now when commenting will be enabled (if ever), but I will work towards making the forums functional again. Sorry for the inconvenience, but it just takes too much time to clear the spam comments off the website.

UPDATE: You can now register on the website (see the “Login/register” tab in the right side column). With a valid registration you can post comments and use the forum. Reporting bugs does not require a registration.

Please note that your registration must be manually approved by the website administrator. This takes at most 1-2 working days. Finally, the administrator has to approve your first comment on the website.

UPDATE (Dec 2018): Registrations are now closed. Existing messages will be preserved until a FAQ is compiled based on the questions asked and answered. Once the FAQ is up, all messages will be deleted along with all registered accounts and all associated user data (name and email).

If you have questions regarding FOMCON, please send them to me directly (you can find contact information on this website). If you find a bug in FOMCON toolbox, please report it via the bug tracker.

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