Fractional Calculus

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  1. Posted October 21, 2016 at 18:59 | Permalink

    please i want to build this model by fopid where i early used the tradional pid and the result were good but when i read about your good toolbox fomcon i download it and use it in my project and used this methods
    1- create TF from my plant
    2- use the command fotf to my TF
    3- iopid_tune
    4 – fpid_optim
    5- the results were so bad because my system become more unstable
    i will send to you the model by using tradional pid controller by using gain kp= 0.5, ki= 50, kd=0 to see the good result >
    then you run the second model by using fopid to see the differance between them
    the gains of fopid resulted from optimization is kp=1.0641,ki=43.918,lambda=0.999,kd9.23e-05,mu=1,gain margin=-334.91(db),phase margin=inf
    my mail
    please contact me

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