Project updates: November 2022

Dear FOMCON users, The next update of FOMCON is here with v1.50.4 with one new experimental feature added and several bugs fixed. The main changes are:
  • Feature: Added a way to convert a `fotf` object to a symbolic expression. The new function is `fotf2expr`. Note that this feature requires the **Symbolic Math Toolbox**. There are some updates to existing functions as well. For example, the `poly2str` function now supports a 4th argument which is the kind of multiplication symbol to be inserted according to need — by default, it is empty, i.e. no multiplication symbol is inserted, and this is used in FOMCON GUIs when you see the string expressions for FOTF numerator and denominator.
  • Bugfix: [breaking] FOMCON function `poly2str` being shadowed by a Control System toolbox function of the same name. The solution is to keep this function in FOMCON for backwards-compatibility as an alias to `fpoly2str`. To keep consistency, the function `str2poly` has also been recreated as `str2fpoly`.
  • Bugfix: (regression?) simulating FOTF models with a delay term resulted in an incorrect concatenation of sample vectors (computations were stopped due to an error in the GL solver, so no incorrect results potentially used down the pipeline should have been obtained, i.e., the user would simply see an error message).
As always, if you find any issues with the current release, please send a bugreport via Github.
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