Project updates: January 2022

It brings me great pleasure to announce that a new version of FOMCON toolbox (v1.50.1) is finally available! Below, I provide a few details about this release. Major changes:
  • Update to the Grünwald-Letnikov based FODE solver: added higher-order numerical solver options — the default and only available option up to this point was the first order solver; now, the user gets the option of also choosing second and third order numerical schemes for computing the time domain response of systems described by fractional-order transfer function objects. The setting can be configured in the new option `GL_Order` found under `Simulations` in the toolbox configuration.
  • Completely rewritten is the configuration options handler. This is, in some ways, a breaking change, but at the same time one that should not affect the majority of users. Whereas before the user had to store or recall toolbox-wide configuration options him or herself and the configuration was stored in MATLAB workspace rather than in the user’s file system, the new approach is to: (1) Store the configuration as a file in the user’s home directory under the `.fomcon-matlab` folder. This way, the configuration options are persistent from session to session. (2) Perform a check on the options, so if new options are added in the future, there is no backwards compatibility problem. On the other hand, the validity of the inserted values/ranges for the configuration parameters are currently not checked, this is a feature that was also missing previously and will be added in the future.
  • Added a new demo which pertains to the above mentioned solver update to show the differences in the solutions that can be obtained using various methods and with different solver orders.
  • Released a packaged toolbox version of the toolbox.
Minor changes:
  • Some minor bugs/compatibility problems have been fixed.
Known issues:
  • In newer versions of MATLAB, a warning is displayed when the UI of the toolbox configuration dialog is displayed about the deprecation of certain Java components. In FOMCON, a contribution called propertiesGUI is used to display this configuration box and it has not been updated since 2015. In a future version of the toolbox, it is likely to be replaced with a custom, programmatic UI.
What’s more, the toolbox can now be directly installed from MATLAB, so no more GitHub downloads/messing around with MATLAB path. You just locate it in the Add-on Explorer and install it in one click!

And that’s not all!

I would like to direct your attention to an alpha release of FOMCON toolbox for Python 3! You can check it out on GitHub ( and find out more by visiting this link with the information about the associated paper and a conference talk. If you find it useful, please help spreading the word and cite the following paper:

What? There’s even more?

Yes! Many new exciting features in the toolbox are currently being worked on that will be deployed for testing later this year! Stay tuned!
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