Project updates: February 2016

We would like to announce the update of FOMCON toolbox for MATLAB to version 1.1. This release offers several important features mostly related to improvement of user experience.

New features
  • Huge UX (User eXperience) improvement for all optimization-based tools. Wrapper functions are now available for fid(), pfid(), and fpid_optimize() functions that create a progress window which shows the current parameters, and allow to either stop the identification (or optimization) process while keeping the intermediate search variables, or to abort the process to keep the old values. Moreover, performance history is saved and may be viewed from the PUI (Process UI) later. For FOPID optimization tool the controller parameter change history is also saved and may be used for various purposes, such as choosing different starting points in the parameter search space;
  • A Monte-Carlo method based test simulation facility – testsim() function – is added to check the behavior under parameter uncertainties of a model obtained via time domain identification. It is directly accessible from the fotfid() GUI menu;
  • refgen() class now has basic support for using it in the “From Workspace” Simulink block. See the documentation for the tows() function.
Various improvements
  • Removed the restriction of the stability test using the isstable() function for systems with internal delay. In the current implementation, this restriction was rather artificial and had no effect on stability per se.
NB! The order of the menu items in fotfid() GUI has changed! This was done to make the structure of the menu more logical.

Bug fixes
  • Fixed bug in nyquist() function – lower frequency bound for no argument supplied is now correctly set.
  • fpid_optim() tool was made compatible with most recent MATLAB version.

The updated toolbox can be downloaded in the corresponding section.

Since no changes were introduced into the core functions, toolbox documentation will not be updated with this release. Docs published for v1.0 on this website are valid. To access documentation for new functions, use the usual help() or doc() facilities in MATLAB.

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    sir,this is j.gowtham need help in my project based on fractional order pid controller ,
    i am requesting that i need a FRACTIONAL ORDER TOOLKIT and how to install the block ..please help me sir

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