Project updates: November 2013

An update for the FOMCON toolbox has been released: version 0.41 beta. With this release we bring you an important bug fix which was causing problems when simulating fractional-order controllers with $\lambda=\mu=1$. This was due to incorrect calls to toproper() function which are now corrected.

In addition, several new features have been implemented. The most important ones are related to the fractional-order PID optimization tool and are as follows:

  • All FOMCON options related to FOPID optimization are now saved and restored with the optimization project (“Save/load configuration” menu items in fpid_optim).
  • It is now possible to specify the desired crossover frequency $\omega_c$ of the control system in the constraints panel without requesting the robustness criterion (which is “phase response is flat at crossover frequency”). To use this feature, set $\omega_{high}$ to $-1$. The same goes for the command line tool fpid_optimize().

The updated toolbox can be downloaded in the corresponding section.

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