Paper to be presented at MSC’2013 conference

A FOMCON project related paper will be presented this summer at the 2013 Multiconference on Systems and Control (MSC’2013) held in Hyderabad International Convention Centre, India, August 28-30. The paper is entitled “Fractional-order Controller Design and Digital Implementation using FOMCON Toolbox for MATLAB”. In this work, we describe the process of implementation of a fractional PID controller for a particular laboratory heating system. You will also learn about the new developments in the FOMCON project. The talk will be given by Aleksei Tepljakov.

Papber abstract: In this paper, we present the suite of tools of the FOMCON (“Fractional-order Modeling and Control”) toolbox for MATLAB that are used to carry out fractional-order PID controller design and hardware realization. An overview of the toolbox, its structure and particular modules, is presented with appropriate comments. We use a laboratory object designed to conduct temperature control experiments to illustrate the methods employed in FOMCON to derive suitable parameters for the controller and arrive at a digital implementation thereof on an 8-bit AVR microprocessor. The laboratory object is working under a real-time simulation platform with Simulink, Real-Time Windows Target toolbox and necessary drivers as its software backbone. Experimental results are provided which support the effectiveness of the proposed software solution.

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  1. santosh
    Posted July 5, 2016 at 09:40 | Permalink

    Hello sir,
    I am working of Fractional order controller design in FOMCON toolbox. I have optimize the fractional controller by fpid_optim() GUI provided in the toolbox. the problem which i am facing with it is when i am applying this controller to my system, it does not gives the same response which i am getting during optimization.
    kindly tell me the mistake which i am doing in my program below.
    c=fotf([1],[lam],[kd kp ki],[lam+mu lam 0])
    N=5; w1=1e-3; w2=1e3;
    g1=ousta_fod((lam+mu-2),N,w1,w2); g2=ousta_fod(lam-1,N,w1,w2);
    GFPID=feedback(G*pid,1); (Here G is open loop integer order transfer function of the system)

    the desired spesifications are given below

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