Paper to be presented at ACC’2013 conference

A FOMCON project related paper will be presented this summer at the 2013 American Control Conference held in Washington, DC, USA, June 17-19. The paper is entitled “Design and Implementation of Fractional-Order PID Controllers for a Fluid Tank System”. In this work, we design and implement a digital fractional-order PID controller for a system of coupled fluid tanks. Presenter is Aleksei Tepljakov.

Paper abstract: In this paper, we investigate the practical problems of design and digital implementation of fractional-order PID controllers used for fluid level control in a system of coupled tanks. We present a method for obtaining the fractional-order PID controller parameters and describe the steps necessary to obtain a digital implementation of the controller. A real laboratory plant is used for the experiments, and a hardware realization of the controller fit for use in embedded applications is proposed and studied. The majority of tasks is carried out by means of the FOMCON (“Fractional-order Modeling and Control”) toolbox running in the MATLAB computing environment.

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  1. Amruta Mujumdar
    Posted June 6, 2013 at 13:23 | Permalink

    A paper titled ‘Fractional Order Sliding mode control for Single Link Flexible Manipulator’ is selected for presentation at the IEEE conf MSC’13 at Hyderabad during Aug 28-30 2013.
    All reqd simulation is done using FOMCON toolbox.
    A fractional order sliding mode control (FOSMC) scheme for control of a single link flexible manipulator is proposed in this paper. Fractional order sliding mode controller is designed and its performance is compared with the traditional sliding mode controller. Here, ’fractional’ refers to the inclusion of fractional derivatives in the differential equation governing the dynamics of the switching surface. The control law of the proposed FOSMC scheme is designed using Lyapunov stability analysis. Simulation results demonstrate that the proposed FOSMC not only achieves better control performance with smaller chattering than that with integer order sliding mode control, but also is robust to external load disturbance and parameter variations.

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