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Dear Aleksei,
hi, Regarding FPID Optimum tool,if i entering lti plant model as a transfer function model in FPID Optimum tool its showing the below errors

Undefined function or variable “Z_p”.

Error in fpid_optimfun (line 105)
e = 1 – step(feedback(Z_p*Z_c,1), t);

Error in fpid_optimize>@(x)fpid_optimfun(x,G,opt) (line 267)
x_opt = optimize(@(x) fpid_optimfun(x,G,opt), …

Error in optimize/funfncP (line 613)
obj_fval = funfcn(x_new, varargin{:});

Error in optimize>@(x)funfncP(X(x),varargin{:}) (line 393)
funfncT = @(x) funfncP(X(x), varargin{:});

is these tool is not supported to transfer function model(instead if i entering fotf model im getting the results)……please refer to it
Thanks in advance