Overview of Literature

Hereafter, a list of printed works, related to fractional calculus and its applications in modeling in controls, is presented with a brief overview1.

Fractional-order Systems and Controls: Fundamentals and Applications

Fractional-order Systems and Controls

by Concepci├│n A. Monje, YangQuan Chen, Blas M. Vinagre, Dingy├╝ Xue, and Vincente Feliu

This is one of the essential works that should definitely be in the collection of any scholar concerned with fractional-order calculus applications in modeling and control. This book is built up from the research efforts of the five authors and consists of 18 chapters, covering a wide range of problems related to fractional calculus, including modeling and analysis of fractional-order dynamical models, system identification, and control design with relevant MATLAB code for the FOTF toolbox, on which the core FOMCON functionality was based. Results from applying fractional-order controllers to real life applications are also provided.

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